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“On this day, my hand is yours to hold, my heart forever yours to keep.”  -Irish Wedding Vow

It was an unforgettable day – the day Josh and I got married. It never ceases to make us beam. September 30th, 2012 will always be engraved in our memory! A lot of people who are married say that their wedding day was perfect, and no other wedding day on any other planet could even come close. Though we are of the persuasion that our wedding was pretty amazing, we don’t want to subject you to our opinions, so we’re going to put you in the judge’s seat and let you decide for yourself about our wedding day. 🙂

A mixture of Josh’s and Brooke’s perspectives:

Where does one begin? This chapter in our story is such a blessed part of the beautiful journey God has scripted for Josh and I. September 30th, 2012 was a beautiful day, full of HIS presence! And yet, our wedding day isn’t the end of our story. In fact, it is just the beginning of the novel known as the Kinabrew Chronicles. One thing Josh and I prayed as the days came ever closer to the day we would be joined in covenant marriage was that we wouldn’t merely prepare for our wedding day but most importantly we would prepare for our marriage. . .

Waking up on your own wedding day is quite surreal. Some thoughts that ran through my {Josh’s} mind was: “Am I old enough for this?” “Is it really happening to me?” Brooke had been planning this day for around 3 months. Was it already here? The culmination of planning little details to the excitement of knowing that we would be joined together as one in Christ in front of all those present at the wedding was almost too much to bear. There was an unspeakable joy in the air as we made preparations for this most perfect of days.

{History about our wedding day}

Before we start, we wanted to share a little about the background of our wedding day – September 30th, 2012. Right after our engagement we went to work finding the right wedding venue (which is quite the task indeed!). After settling upon the place, we then had to settle on the date. There were only a few days in mid to late September that were available for the place we had chosen, The Tapestry House. We ended up deciding on Sunday, September 30th. After we had decided on the date, one of Brooke’s friends asked her, “Did you plan on having your wedding be on the first day of Sukkot (which is the Jewish feast of Tabernacles)?” Without us knowing, the Lord had hand-picked our wedding date. The feast of Tabernacles is also known as the rehearsal for the wedding feast of the Lamb. The significance blew us away – our wedding was on the day where the Jewish nation celebrated the wedding of the Lamb to His Bride. Our desire and ultimate prayer, especially when the Lord brought to our attention about how the day of our wedding was on the Jewish feast of Tabernacles we wanted to show a picture of Christ returning for His pure, radiant bride.That day we would live out a reflection of what is to come. What an amazingly blessed experience it was to be apart of a “rehearsal of what is to come”! This life is but a breath, this life is but a reflection, this life is meant to be a reflection, a shadow of things to come. We thank the Lord for allowing us to be a picture of Christ the Groom coming for His bride, the church and to learn of our Heavenly Bridegroom in such an intimate way!

Details, they are very important to me {Brooke} the Lord in His perfect way fulfilled every detail, every jot and tiddle, every tiny thing, no matter how miniscule is a reflection of our Lord and Savior. Maybe that is one of the reasons details are so special to me. Both Josh and I desired that everything, down to the smallest detail of our wedding would point to Christ. And that even if our guests couldn’t see the significance of everything that was a part of the day, we would know and rejoice in HIS perfect ways. Every detail came together more beautifully than I could ever have asked or imagined. With it all compiled together it made our day a beautiful, Christ-saturated and picturesque victorian dream come true! The day was absolutely perfect! Thank you Jesus! One key verse that (is found engraved on a locket Josh gave me, found dangling on my wedding bouquet as well as the communion cup he used to ask me be his for forever) and which encompasses our relationship, our wedding, and our life is found in: Colossians 1:18 which says, “That in all things HE may have the preeminence.” That is our hearts desire. Every single detail of our wedding day knit together to become a beautiful work of art. And may it not stop there… may our lives as husband and wife become a breathtaking tapestry saturated with HIM, only because of HIM!

Josh and I wanted to incorporate lanterns in our wedding because of the picture that is painted in of the ten virgins in Matthew 25:1-13 where it challenges us to not be caught without oil in our lamps, for the coming f our Heavenly Bridegroom. We wanted this reminder to be before us and all those who came to witness our union to “Be Ready!”

One of Josh’s favorite songs is “Inevitable” by Anberlin which we had played as we walked down the aisle after we were announced husband and wife. 🙂  One of the phrases in that song is, “I wanna break every clock, the hands of time can never move again // we could stay in this moment for the rest of our lives.“ Josh had a wonderful idea, which I really liked, and that was to put a clock as the centerpieces on some of the table and have the clock set to a certain time representing a time or date… a time or date that was special to us. We set the clocks by times or dates and then put a little note on the side of the centerpiece sharing with those who were at the table why that time or date was important to us. That phrase is also engraved on the pocket watch that Josh wore. And was he ever the most dashing groom with his vest and pocketwatch! Another special little detail is found on Josh’s boutonniere (that I got to hand-make the morning of our wedding) is found a key… the key to my heart.

My wedding dress is near and dear to my heart and holds so much meaningfulness. Not only was my gown yards and yards of beautiful lace which makes my heart happy, there is a little quote found in a wonderful book about a little orphaned girl named Anne, where she said, “There is magic in the words silk and lace isn’t there? The very sound of them make me feel like skipping off to a dance!” this saying resonates with me. *smile* Some parts of this most lovely of dresses was lovingly and prayerfully sewn by my Mother-in-love and the lace used for the sleeves as well as the back was lace that was from my Mothers wedding dress from 26 years ago when she was a young bride! You can read more about my dream wedding dress on our photography blog HERE! What a beautiful dress I was blessed with & what faithfulness is shown by HIM in every detail & stitch that created this lacey dress that I would slip on as I adored myself for my groom!

{Wedding Ring}

The ring that Brooke is wearing is one-of-a-kind. We are really into symbolism, if you couldn’t already tell. Symbolism seems to be a part of God’s language. The fact that everything He has designed requires a second, third, or even millionth view to fully behold what care and Love has gone into creation alludes to the fact that our God loves hiding nuggets of treasure in the little details. The first band {the engagement band} has 3 diamonds held on the ring with 12 pillars. The number 3 symbolizes divine perfection (think of the Trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) as well as new life. The number 12 symbolizes governmental perfection (think of the 12 tribes of Israel, and the 12 Disciples.) The second band {the wedding band} has 4 diamonds on it, the number 4 symbolizes creation (think of the 4 seasons), symbolizing this earthly journey we are on, and this marvelous creation our God has made. When the two bands are intricately joined together the total number of diamonds becomes 7, which signifies spiritual perfection. When the two bands are joined together they are no longer a separate entity in and of themselves, they create something wholly new. This symbolizes what God does when He joins us together. No longer are we separate entities, He sees us as one – a wholly new and complete creation. Upheld by His perfect government, with the Trinity at the core surrounded by creation. We like it. 🙂

{First Look}

A jewish tradition that we decided to put our own little spin on is that of a first look. Traditionally, the Groom would lift up the veil and make sure that his bride was Rachel instead of Leah. (See Genesis 29.) Our first look was a little to the side of the beautiful victorian house at the wedding venue, tucked away on a little path. In the background drifted the beautiful melody of the song near and dear to our hearts, “Anguish of Your Heart” (You can listen to it HERE) it was an unplanned touch God placed there as a sweet gift to mark the atmosphere of that day, from beginning to end, with Himself. {Josh} As Brooke slowly tapped on my shoulder and I turned around, I saw before me the most beautiful woman to ever walk the face of this planet. There before me was truly a radiant bride. As we embraced, the chorus of Anguish began to swell and we began weeping. It was such a beautiful moment to hear the words of the song, “To you my King belongs the crown, so pour me out for Your renown!” {Brooke} Deep breath, soak everything in…I was walking in a perfectly lovely dream…so it seemed…but this was reality, this was really real, today, I am a bride! This is the day, I have adorned myself for my groom. Everything began swilling into place, the accumulation of all those hours spent planning, preparing, and dreaming all came down to that day; that moment. I remember only bits and pieces of things happening around me, little snapshots, my dear mom doing this and that while my hair was being styled, my mother-in-love ironing my veil. All my brides maids doing this and that, both of my mothers helping me into my wedding gown. Many dear faces looking at me with shining eyes, my dad standing in the doorway “just staring at me” and then I was off…off to see my groom! I walked up behind Josh and gently tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and his eyes that sparkle with joy and life met mine. A deep joy washed over me as I hugged the man that would very soon be my husband. It was a beautiful and sweet moment that we got to share as music drifted through the air and the most incredible gift stood before me, my best friend, my groom, the one whom I love! I fell in love with his heart and his life that is wholly devoted to the calling and guidance of his King. This is the man I was called to serve and serve alongside (ALL the days of my life). This handsome, tender, passionate, man. He chose me… and that made my heart swell in awe. There is something so wonderful to know to know that even in spite of my imperfectness he choose to love me. What a beautiful picture this portrays that even in spite of our unworthiness to be the bride of the Most High LORD He has chosen us, and clothed in purity and arrayed us in beauty!

{Wedding Video} And even after all of that, our mere words can’t really do this glorious day justice. We are sitting here, trying to find adequate words that could hold the depth of joy and gratefulness that filled our hearts that day. So instead of trying to capture the beauty with just words we thought we would share a video of that most beautiful celebration that just happens to be our wedding day. 🙂


A few details about the ceremony…

The song we chose to play during communion in our ceremony is called Anguish of Your Heart. This song was written by two of our dear friends Ella Powell and Steve Rosen during the first Ellerslie semester in Summer 2010. This song has tugged at both of our hearts both individually and together. We had the privilege of having them perform it while we took communion, which was such an amazing blessing. The lyrics in the song couldn’t be more fitting to our calling to be Christians in a world that esteems wealth and power over sacrificing your life for the vulnerable. “To spend my life is Your reward! To You my King belongs the crown, so pour me out for your renown!” This is our desire – to be completely poured out and wholly spent for Him. May it continually ring truer still in our lives each passing year!

Sheva Brachot – The Seven Blessings – to go along with the Jewish traditional theme we asked my {Brooke} long time friends to pray this blessing over us in English and then repeat it in Hebrew. Sheva Brachot is traditionally spoken at a wedding so as to pronounce blessings over the new husband and wife. A couple verses are as follows: “Blessed are You, LORD, our God, sovereign of the universe, who created everything for His Glory”… “Blessed are You, LORD, our God, sovereign of the universe, who created joy and gladness, groom and bride, mirth, song, delight and rejoicing, love and harmony and peace and companionship. Soon, LORD our God, may there ever be heard in the cities of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem voices of joy and gladness, voices of groom and bride, the jubilant voices of those joined in marriage under the bridal canopy, the voices of young people feasting and singing. Blessed are You, LORD, who causes the groom to rejoice with his bride.”

Now I {Brooke} must confess something…I am a planner, I like everything to have a space and slot… every “t” must be crossed and every “i” completed with a dot. So, in my planning mode I was trying to set a basic outline for the ceremony and give a time to everything, to make sure we would relatively stay on track and not miss anything. In my haste, I wrote on the schedule, “The Kiss: 1 minute.” Now I knew it wouldn’t take THAT long 🙂 but for the flow of time instead of breaking everything into seconds I kept it that way… My Father-in-love (among others *ahem*) chuckled and teased me during the rehearsal. I thought that was over with and didn’t think of it any further… maybe I should have. *smile* — Josh gave each of the groomsmen a pocket watch and unbeknownst to us they were in league with Bruce, my father-in-love. Right before “the kiss” he shared that little story of the “planned” minute long kiss, the groomsmen pulled out their pocket watches, laughter ensued. We didn’t even come close to reaching the minute long goal but our first kiss {ever} was lovely. 🙂

Here are a few snapshots during our rehearsal of when that was being talked about. 🙂

Rehearsal - the day before (43 of 79) Rehearsal - the day before (42 of 79)

{Thanks} We would like to take a moment to thank everyone who made this day possible, we truly could not have done it without each of you. Both of our parents, Bruce and Denise, Tony and Gail, our siblings- Aaron, Caleb, Micah, Becca, Brittany B., Jonathan, and Bridgette. Steve, Kara, Matt, Ella (& Elijah), Carrie, Kelsey, Valerie, Felicia, Judah, Nathan B., Kayla, Lauren, Grace, Jenn, Jade, Rachel, Kourtney, Bri, Samantha, Mandy, Olivia, Brittney W., Austin, Stephen, Nathan R., Esther, Annabelle, Kate, Anna, Melissa, Diane, Andrew, all of those who served the dinner.  What an immense blessing to see all those the Lord has placed around us to encourage and support us! We are so blessed!

Rehearsal - the day before (78 of 79)

For future years to finish…

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