Wrap This One Up

Oh I just couldn’t help but share this age old story wonderfully written by the Lord before the world began. It blew me away & brought such awe and wonder & reverence to my heart. I was reminded afresh the perfect wisdom and intricate detail that is woven in everything He creates. And how the […]

Josiah Daniel Kinabrew

We have a son! You might have seen our announcement video a while back… Well, our little one decided to come in to this world a little earlier than we were expecting and surprise us! On July 1st Brooke and I were back from our first swim of the season, when Brooke’s water broke quite unexpectedly. I […]

Our Story~Part Seven~Our Wedding

“On this day, my hand is yours to hold, my heart forever yours to keep.”  -Irish Wedding Vow It was an unforgettable day – the day Josh and I got married. It never ceases to make us beam. September 30th, 2012 will always be engraved in our memory! A lot of people who are married […]

Our Story~Part Six~Our Engagement

(From Josh’s Perspective) I like symbolism. The Bible is riddled with symbolism that one can only understand if looking for the symbolism. All of the Jewish feasts were made to help those participating remember what the Lord brought them through (and will bring them through in the future). The Passover feast had always stood out […]

The First Few Months In Pictures

Most of these pictures are from the first semester of Ellerslie where Brooke and I weren’t in a relationship, or even interested in each other. (I don’t even remember her being there for a lot of these things!) -Josh