Reckless Pursuit

Josh & Brooke

Our Story~Part Five~Our First Journey

(From Josh’s Perspective) After I talked with Brooke on May 31st, I went to my room and called my Dad. I asked, “Am I crazy?” During the six weeks that Brooke was off visiting Haiti, Philippines, and China I tried my best to continue on with life. Throughout this time, I kept asking the Lord […]

Our Story~Part Four~On the Altar

(From Josh’s Perspective) In Genesis 22:10, the Hebrew word for “stretched forth” also can mean “dismiss.” The context of this passage is talking about Abraham taking his son Isaac to the altar, and stretching forth his hand to slay his son because God told him and Abraham wanted to obey. Abraham had come to the […]

Our Story ~ Part Three ~ Our Friendship

(From Josh’s Perspective) After the Alpha semester of Ellerslie, both Brooke and I went back home. Her just south of Denver, Colorado. I go back home to just north of Fresno, California. For the few weeks I was home Brooke and I kept emailing. All I wanted to do is be a Godly example of […]

The First Few Months In Pictures

Most of these pictures are from the first semester of Ellerslie where Brooke and I weren’t in a relationship, or even interested in each other. (I don’t even remember her being there for a lot of these things!) -Josh

Our Story~Part One~The Backstory

Brooke and I wanted to share our love story with you from the beginning to where the Lord has brought us thus far in hopes of fixing your eyes of the author of Love itself, and to have the flame rekindled with your First Love. Before I (Josh) begin I wanted to share a little […]