Reckless Pursuit

Josh & Brooke
Our Nest

Our little {Apple Nest}

Here is a little invitation to take a walk through our quaint abode we called home for the first two-in-a-half years of our married life…

Our little nest changed over the course of time as bit by bit we added to the warmth and ambiance as the sand of time ran it’s course day by day. A scripture full of depth and meaning here, a picture brimming full of memories there…I hope you enjoy this little glimpses into our little Apple Nest throughout the seasons of the two-in-a-half years we called it ours.

Season by season I stand here amazed. In awe of your mystery and Your {perfect ways}







This is the worn old step that I crossed as a bride…Here is where I began learning how to be a wife…Here I made this house into a home…Here I had dreamed the exquisite, happy dreams of anticipated motherhood. Here I became a mother…

This house became a home bursting full of so many memories. Full of love, grace, and joy. It holds memories of mountain peaks and valleys, tears and joy, countless prayers, boundless love, and abundant blessings. I will forever hold dear each moment scripted in our {Apple Nest}





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